hydraulic lifting basket mill with jacket tank for paint,ink,pigment,dyes

hydraulic lifting basket mill with jacket tank for paint,ink,pigment,dyes

  • Basket Mill

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hydraulic lifting basket mill with jacket tank for paint,ink,pigment,dyes

Product Description

It is suitable for batch of production and the predisposing and grinding can be finished in a painting cylinder. The speed of main shaft can be adjustable with steady and smooth running and low noise. It has a less attached device (color changing easily) and it is convenient to wash. The grinding medium changes more easily.


Technical Specifications

type effective volume(L) power(kw) batch(L) lifting height(Mm) lifting motor power(L/h)
BM1 0.5 0.75 1~2 200
BM300 8 15 100~300 600 0.55
BM500 20 22~30 300~500 900 1.1
BM1000 45 37~45 500~1000 1100 2.2
BM1500 75 45~55 1000~1500 1400 3.7
Product Feature
  • dispersion and grinding of base material finish in a container and just use a machine.
  • additional pumps,piping,valves,containers etc are not required.
  • easy cleaning and minimum remains and it is convenient to replace product.
  • double walled grinding basket and double walled container for cooling and heating.
  • due to the effect of dispersion disc and the suction pump wheel.the circulating effect can be guaranteed when high viscosity.
  • specially designed construction of basket and rotor ensure non metal pollution for the material.
  • modular design of blocking spare parts make it much more convenient to disassemble,maintain and overhaul, there is little need of professional maintainer.





Packaging & Delivery



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Lab Appointment

Lab Experiment Equipments: disperser(1.1kw), lab sand mill, ceramic sand mill, laser granulometer

Experiment Process:

1) Material information

2) Experiment preparation

3) Experiment mode confirm

4) Experiment execute

5) Report Generate

6) Sending test products to clients

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