Horizontal Bead Mill Sand Mill for paint, pigment nano grinding

Horizontal Bead Mill Sand Mill for paint, pigment nano grinding

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Horizontal Bead Mill Sand Mill for paint, pigment nano grinding
Product Description
Sand mill(nano grinding) features full ceramic cylinder (silicon carbide&zirconia)which is wear-resisting ,apply for middle-low viscosity but high linear speed movement ‘s mild grinding dispersion. It has obvious advantage in production where material contamination and Nano particle distribution are strictly controlled. This mills are widely adopted in carbon nano tube,LFPO,graphene,papermaking, dye and pigment,paint and coating,ink,nano color paste, nano ceramic,biomaterial etc. new material field.

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Technical Specifications

Model Power Speed(rpm) Linear speed Capacity KG/H Media filling volume
PT-5 5.5KW 2800 15 m/s 100-180 10KG
PT-15 22KW 2200 15 m/s 150-400 30KG
PT-30 37KW 1500 15 m/s 200-600 60KG
PT-60 75KW 1200 15 m/s 500-1000 135KG
PT-90 90KW 1000 15 m/s 800-1500 220KG
PT-150 110KW 800 15 m/s 1200-1800 336KG


1) Suitable for material with LOW-MIDDLE viscosity, high solid content and high refining requirements .

2) Compact body design, carbon steel frame, hard alloy with special treatment for contact parts, excellent painting effect.

3) Advandecd double end mechanical seal, which ensures the long life of shaft seal and good sealing effect .

4) 4 cooling system:

a)Feeding pipe jacket cooling.

b) High efficiency large area spiral ribbon type jacket water circulation chamber wall cooling.

c) End cover corrugated cooling.

d)Mechanical seal cooling,which ensure the best cooling effect.

5) Dynamic turbine discharge system adopt unique large area tubular reseau separator, precise separation & smooth discharge, solving the problems of slow discharging speed and blocking of grinding medium.

6) The whole grinding barrel and shaft and beads adopt high-strength alloy steel, zirconia, silicon carbide, etc, which ensures the long life and reduce metallic pollution.

Detailed Images


Detail Image1 .jpg Detail Image2 .jpg Xa9.png
double end mechanical seal strengthened Alloy structure cylinder inside


Nano Laboratory


lab1.jpg lab2.jpg lab3.jpg lab4.jpg


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Lab Appointment

Lab Experiment Equipments: disperser(1.1kw), lab sand mill, ceramic sand mill, laser granulometer

Experiment Process:

1) Material information

2) Experiment preparation

3) Experiment mode confirm

4) Experiment execute

5) Report Generate

6) Sending test products to clients

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