Sorting Machine

Sorting Machine

Sorting Machine

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  1. Function description

ID-A010 cylindrical battery sorting machine is a test sorting device for internal resistance and voltage of cylindrical batteries. It has its own high-precision internal resistance and voltage automatic test system. The equipment is set according to the computer software. The internal resistance and voltage value accurately feed the battery to the specified gear position, and the system can achieve up to 10 levels (1 test station, 10 sorting level) for sorting. This equipment can test about 4000 sets of batteries per hour, and the structure design is simple and generous, and the performance is stable. In the market, it is one of the most cost-effective sorting devices to date.


  1. Process flow

Through the battery test software of the host computer to set the battery internal resistance, voltage and other parameters, the following functions are automatically completed by the PLC: manual filling of the battery → cylinder side feed → belt carrying battery [optional: coding function] → test cylinder test points Select (tester upload data, software sorting) → mechanical hand picking battery; equipment configuration sound and light alarm, can be sorted to complete automatic shutdown, full material alarm, fault alarm and so on. Operating parameters can be set according to the actual requirements of the customer.


  1. Sorter structure

1) The equipment structure is compact and reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, and the occupied space is small.

2) The equipment is easy to operate, no need for professional training, and workers can easily master.

3) The equipment is controlled by PLC+PC. PLC is responsible for battery feeding, transportation and receiving. PC is responsible for battery test instrument data acquisition, voltage internal resistance level sorting, easy to learn operation, high work efficiency, saving labor cost, product performance. good.

4) The equipment material is made of high quality thick cold rolled sheet metal and aluminum frame.

5) The equipment is equipped with universal movable casters, which can be easily moved when the device is displaced.



  1. Equipment technical parameters
  • Working voltage: single phase AC220V±10%/50Hz, power: P≤800W
  • Working gas source: 0.5~1.0 Mpa
  • Adapt to battery specifications: 32650 finished batteries
  • Sorting efficiency: ≥ 70 PPM
  • Equipment weight: about 200kg
  • Dimensions: 1320 (length) × 860 (width) × 1200 (height) mm
  • Sorting machine frame material: high quality thick cold rolled sheet, aluminum profile.
  • Electronic control device: It adopts Panasonic PLC and Panasonic servo motor control, brand sensor and other accessories.
  • Computer configuration: industrial computer
  • Instrument: Precision voltage internal resistance tester HK3561
  • Sorting parameters: open circuit voltage, AC internal resistance

Open circuit voltage: accuracy +/- 0.10% rdg, display resolution 0.1 mV

AC internal resistance: accuracy +/- 0.5% rdg, display resolution 0.01 milliohms


  1. 5.Configuration list:
  • Tester: Precision Voltage Internal Resistance Tester HK3561
  • Computer: industrial computer
  • PLC: Panasonic FP-X series
  • Servo: Panasonic A5 series
  • Sensor: Panasonic and Omron
  • Guide rail: Taiwan silver
  • Bearing: Japan NSK
  • Cylinder: Yadek
  • Switching power supply: Taiwan Ming Wei
  1. Operating environment

1) Indoor temperature: -10 °C ~ 50 °C.

2) Indoor humidity: 75% or less.

3) Factory site: no pollution, no strong electromagnetic interference.