lamb PCB slitting depanel machine

lamb PCB slitting depanel machine

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Introduction for lamb PCB slitting depanel machine

1. Using a unique cutting method, the cutting of the circuit board is completed by six blades, and the upper and lower two are grouped together to form a cutting unit. They are A, B, C, and three groups. The whole cutting process is divided into three stages. The blade of group A first cuts 40% of the circuit board, then the blade of group B runs through the groove cut by blade A again, and 40% of the cutting volume is completed again, and finally the blade of group C cuts the last part. 20% and trimming, because the amount of each cutting is very small, the stress generated during the cutting process is reduced by more than 80% compared with the traditional one-time cutting method. The edge of the divided circuit board is flat and smooth, the board surface is very flat, and it is not twisted or warped. It is the only machine on the market that can ensure that the aluminum substrate will not be deformed after cutting.

2. Due to the multiple cuts, the cutting process is very stable, which greatly improves the positioning ability of the V-CUT slot. Even if the V-CUT slot is very shallow, the V-CUT slot will not jump out of the guide knife. situation to avoid defective products.

3. All cutting blades are calibrated with a dual-frequency laser interferometer to ensure that the back knife can continue to cut accurately in the groove cut by the front knife. The tip runout is not more than 0.02mm to ensure perfect cutting quality.

4. Stainless steel platform with laser scale positioning function (optional 1.2m or 2.4m)


Dimension: 1170mm*540mm*450mm
depanel thickness: 0.2-5.0mm
Speed 300-500mm/sec:
Knife material SKD61
Working Temp.: 10-35℃
Storage Temp.: -20-50℃
Power 230V/110V,50HZ/60HZ,40W
Weight 47KG