Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine RDH18N

Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine RDH18N

Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine RDC160

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Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine RDH18N

Hydraulic Part


Hydraulic components of famous brands.

Specially-designed squeezing and injection system and a piston-type power accumulator ensure the high speed and strong force of injection.


Injection Part

Nozzle,plunger, steel piston ring and goose neck are made of steel materials of famous brands to ensure long-term stable performance in high temperature and pressure.

Diesel,electrical heating and coke melting method are optional.

Electrical heating at nozzle and goose neck ensures stable temperature for a long time.

The high-quality and durable combustion engine has excellent performance and high reliability.

The specially-designed crossbeam and piston-type power accumulator ensure efficient, stable and safe material stamping.

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Item Unit RDH18
Die Locking Force KN 180
Die Stroke MM 150
Ejection Fore KN /
Ejection Stroke MM /
Die Thickness(Min~Max) MM 100-300
Die Dimension MM 385×360
Tie-bar Inner Spacing(V×H) MM 236×236
Tie Bar Diameter MM 40
Injection Port Position MM /
Injection Stroke MM 90
Traverse Stroke MM 150
Injection Fore KN 27
Plunger Tip Diameter MM 35
Specific Pressure Mpa 28
Shot weigh(Zn) kg(Zn) 464
Hydraulic Pressure Mpa 7
Electric Motor Capacity KW 5.5
Volume of Crucible(Zn) L/kg(Zn) 20/150
Volume of Oil L 180
Machine Weight TON 1.5
Over All Dimensions m(L×W×H) 2.5×1.2×1.7

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