Grout and anchoring adhesive production line

Grout and anchoring adhesive production line

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Grout and anchoring adhesive production line

Our grout and anchoring adhesive production line easy operate and maintenance.

The capping system driven by servo-motor with compact structure and reliable transmission.


Parameter of grout and anchoring adhesive production line:

Power supply P3-220/380VAC, 50/60Hz, 8.5Kw
Pnuematic 0.6Mpa
Packaging materials Alum Foil
Foil Width Abt. 160mm
Products dimension Φ46-Φ49
Heating range 0-300°C
Dosing range 0-700ml
Motor Standard Hydraulic system:5.5Kw
Feeding conveyor:5.5Kw
Clipping system:2.7Kw
Hydraulic Pressing standard 0-25Mpa
Capacity 35-55 /min(600ml)
Controlled PLC
Height between input and the ground 1110mm
Input dimension 3 inch—-Fast connection
Weight Heat sealing system:Abt.320Kg

Clipping system:Abt.480Kg

Dimension Heat sealing system:1500mm×700mm×1950mm

Clipping system:760mm×750mm×1770mm


1. Production Process of making grout and anchoring adhesive:


A. Basic material production system: Put the 103 glue and other material into the dispersion mixer, operating with Heat transfer oil heating system and Vacuum system, mixing about four to five hours.


B. Basic material milling system: After the Basic material production system, use a Pump to transfer the material into the Three-roll milling machine, and get the semi-finished sealant.


C. Grout and anchoring adhesive making system: Add other raw materials, colors and mix with the semi-finished sealant in the dispersion mixer, and then stir more than one hour to get the finished silicone sealant.


D. Packing system: Using the Hydraulic Discharge Machine to press out the silicone sealant, and then packing by the Semi-rigid Tube Filling Machine.