Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine RDC S300

Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine RDC S300

Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine RDC160

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Smartphone Version Die Casting Machine RDC S300

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Item Unit RDC300
Die Locking Force KN 3000
Die Stroke mm 460
Die Thickness(Min-Max) mm 250-660
Die Dimension mm 870×930
Tie-bar inner Spacing(V×H) mm 560×560
Tie Bar Diameter mm 110
Injection Force KN 335
Plunger Stroke mm 440
Plunger Tip Diameter mm 50 60 70
Shot Weight(AL) Kg(AL) 1.7 2.3 3.1
Shot Weight(Mg) Kg(Mg)
Specific Pressure Mpa 171 118 87
Projecting Area
c㎡ 750
Injection Port position mm 0,-125
Injection Stoke mm 180
Injection Stroke mm 110
Over Height of Flange mm 12
Ejection Force KN 150
Ejection Length mm 105
Hydraulic Pressure Mpa 14
Electric Motor Capacity KW 18.5
Volume of Oil L 600
Machine Weight ton 11
overall dimensions(L×W×H) m 6.03×1.4×2.5

Spheroidal graphite cast iron mould board, high tensile alloy steel bar, and high-abrasive chromium plating.

Mould control under multilevel pressure and speed, intelligent mould protection against low pressure.

C-shaped or H-shaped crossbeam linked with pillar support to ensure high reliability and precision of material stamping.

Hydraulic gear-type adjusting device.

High-speed ejection and core pulling device.

High Tensile Clamping System.

a.Spheroidal graphite cast iron mould board and reamer processed by high precision CNC machining center ensure high precision and solidity of mould clamping system.

b.Dual toggle and five pivots ensure the stable and smooth movement of mould board.

c.Wide space between four draw bars and long stroke for mould with large sizes.

d.Adjust mould board by finite-element analysis for the purpose of even stress, low risk of deformation and high-precision of mould clamping.

Ejector adopts special design for adjustable stroke.

Water-cooling oil circuit cooler ensures constant pressure and viscosity of oil.

Hydraulic gear-type adjusting device is easy to use and ensures accurate mould thickness.

Imported clamping force testing device ensures accurate adjustment of clamping force.

Equipped with independent piston-type intensification accumulator,multilevel pressure and speed control in material injection,applicable in the manufacture of a wide range of high-precision die castings.

Hydraulic components from Europe,America and Japan, which ensures no leakage during die casting.

Imported double pump hydraulic system with high and low pressure featuring energy saving and high production efficiency.

Watery-cooling oil circuit cooler ensuring constant pressure and viscosity of oil and stable performance of die casting machine.

Famous-brand programmable controller with touch screen,featuring easy operation and diverse functions,such as trouble shooting,prompt,alarm,production management and data storage.

High-performance injection system:maximum injection speed>=8.5m/s,pressure intensification time<=20ms.

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